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Winner of Online pitching competition on Air Pollution Mitigation Solutions!

Gross International Nature has successfully competed and won the online pitching competition on Air Pollution Mitigation Solutions, Climate Action4Clean Air.

Co-organized by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Antarprerna Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, and Institute for Learning Solutions, Bhutan. Supported by: National Environment Commission, Bhutan, and Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies Nepal.

GIN presented UR(Useful recycled) Bricks as small-scale construction material for sustainment of walls, shelters, storage facilities, and garden reinforcements/ decors.

The product uses plastic waste as raw material to promote industrial ecology in the nation. (Waste from one industry used as a resource for another)

The bricks and tiles are natural insulators, nonporous, and repel water, unlike conventional bricks. The elastic nature of UR Bricks makes it durable and less brittle. The structure of UR Bricks makes it easy to assembled and dissembled by anyone at any time.

Contrary to conventional bricks, UR Bricks neither uses kilns nor exploits natural resources like clay, lime, sand, etc as raw materials. Therefore, it is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to prevent air pollution and manage plastic waste in Bhutan.

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