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Our Projects

Rebuilding Jasabi Facilities

In September 2022, a flash flood devastated Jasabi village of Kurtoe in Lhuntse. The disaster buried two houses and resulted in the loss of five lives. It damaged agricultural land, fruit plants, irrigation systems, and power supply amenities. As agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the people in Jasabi, farming households were severely affected.

In response, Gross International Nature (GIN), a youth-led environmental conservation organization in Thimphu, initiated a project to restore the community's facilities.

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CREATE: Climate Remonstration- Educate and Advocate to Tend the Earth

Gross International Nature in collaboration with the Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh, held a virtual conference titled CREATE (Climate Remonstration - Educate and Advocate to Tend the Earth). Our founder, Ms Warefta had the honour to talk about Medical waste management: the life cycle of surgical masks. We were joined by students from the Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan and Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh. 

Climate Education

In Nepal & Bangladesh

As part of our Environmental Education and Advocacy pillar, GIN successfully conducted the Climate Education at Sawarswati Basic Primary School in Palungtar 04 Gorkha, Nepal and Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh.

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