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Addressing the impacts on women after Cyclone Amphan at Shadkira, Bangladesh.

Women in communities hit by natural disasters can be vulnerable to a lot of social and domestic issues. This has proven to be a reality during our studies. Thus, GIN aims to make life easier for these women living in such difficult circumstances.

GIN with the help of partner donors and organizations will install accessible water sources for the women impacted by the cyclone. We also aim to provide skill enhancement training to these women to ensure their safety and reliable sources of income.


Environmental problems have imposed more pressure on women and young children. For instance, in our recent interview with one of the frontline community members, the issue of existing domestic violence on women and children was brought up. Here, GINs main aim will be to shoot a documentary in the region of Satkhira and educate people on gender-based violence and discrimination. It will be an in-depth film gathering information from very important and grassroots sources. This will stimulate the discussion on an international level ultimately helping the suppressed section of the society.

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